Albion Saddles Albion saddles have been continually developed over 25 years and are now recognized as one of the world's leading saddle brands. The design and engineering of the product, sets it apart from all other competitors, and the quality and quantity of professional riders throughout the world proves that the 'science of feel' really brings superior results. Susan currently rides in the Albion SLK Ultima saddle.

Equuleus Saddlery Imports Operating in northern and central Virginia and throughout Maryland, Equuleus Saddlery Imports believe that every athlete deserves every advantage that research and technology can provide. Utilizing their thermal imaging along with countless years of experience, ESI operates out of their custom designed mobile unit to ensure that each client receives personalized service. From saddle fitting to flocking to thermal imaging … all can be done right at your own barn.

MDC Corporation With over 30 years of equestrian expertise, the MDC Corporation specializes in superior equestrian services and products world wide. I am a big fan of the MDC line of stirrups.